Beginning The Aster Online

Trying to look back at the year is like trying to follow the landscape out of the window of a car; it just escapes from you. At the time of posting this, the academic calendar is wrapping up. First-year students are now jaded and cynical, ready for sophomore year, and likewise, we here at The Aster Review have done some growing of our own. Back in August, we had just completed our first volume. At that point, we had three editors, a little over a hundred dollars, and so few copies that we had to tell people that they couldn’t take an extra copy for their grandparents.

Now, we have recruited around fifteen editors, raised near four thousand dollars, printed two-hundred and fifty copies, and received nearly one-hundred and fifty submissions. We even managed to pay our artists this year, allowing us to support the people who believe in our mission the most. Less than a year later, we’re already far bigger than I expected we would be, and it’s truly an affirmation of our original belief that this campus craves more opportunities to get involved with the arts community. We’ve proved that people want to create, and that there is an audience waiting to devour their work.

All of this brings me to today. What next? We’ve been asking ourselves this throughout the entire process and coming up with moonshot projects that we think could serve the University of Oklahoma even more, if we ever got the chance to do them. This is one of those projects: The Aster Online. While we want the print review to remain the cornerstone of what we do, we recognize that there is art that cannot be presented in the print medium, and there are only so many pages that we have available to allocate.

The Aster Online is our attempt to enter the digital stage. We’ll be collecting material to publish online year-round in an attempt to showcase as much of the campus creativity as we can. It will be an exciting new enterprise and a whole new place for us to develop both student editors and artists. Helping this develop is going to be a gratifying experience and a welcome challenge, and I hope that you’re excited to join us in this journey.



Reid Bartholomew


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