Get Involved

Here are a few positions we'll be filling next semester.

  • Without designers, the publication couldn’t reach its final form. Be prepared for a heavy time commitment in the Spring semester for the two weeks before we go to print. Along the way, you’ll have to turn out several smaller promotional designs—invitations, posters, bookmarks—with shorter turnaround times.
  • Proficiency in InDesign at least, possibly in Photoshop and other design tools.
  • Know (or be prepared to learn) how to work with a large team to develop designs around a publication identity.
  • The webmaster is responsible for all updates to the WordPress site, with free range to propose improvements and developments.
  • Proficiency in WordPress required; working knowledge of HTML and CSS also useful.
  • Should have a strong interest in good web design. A good webmaster is in the habit of keeping up with other publication websites, can identify fleeting and enduring trends, and is eager to keep The Aster’s site on the forward edge.
  • As a journal with a long print cycle, it's important that The Aster keeps up its presence in the community during the long months of reading, reviewing, and editing. A social media manager should have a playful take on branding and an easy skill with Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Communication and phone photography skills are a must. You'll have to snap a quick pic during meetings and events and turn it into a post without losing too much focus. Additionally, you'll want to be able to communicate with other Aster members to get content from events or sites they end up visiting.

If you love writing about local arts happenings, stay tuned—as we're building out The Aster Online, we'll be looking for more regular and timely submissions.

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