The Aster

An Arts Review

The Aster is a student publication emerging from our love of creative activity. Making something is magical, at once grave and playful, and The Aster exists out of respect for this tension and duality. Life is as inexhaustible as our curiosity, as numerous as our perspectives. Making is inspection through embrace.

The mind is delicate and sovereign as the morning light which compels us each day. How sacred, how flirtatious it is to realize anything new. Art, as a refinement of mental vision, is a way of loving.

By this logic, the undertone of The Aster is a gentle imperative: Walk about and imagine the world; now tell everyone of it. The Aster exists for this conversation. Together, we may hope to dispute with angels.

Artistic creation at the University of Oklahoma is abundant but too often goes unrecognized. The Aster provides a platform for celebrating student expression, connecting artists with audiences and establishing a dynamic web of student creators. By publishing literary and visual art, reviews, and interviews, we seek to prompt reflection on the creative and intellectual life of the University of Oklahoma student body and create opportunities for students in the realm of humanities publishing. We, with the guidance of World Literature Today, commit ourselves to serving the campus community as a reliable source of artistic cultivation, synthesis, and reflection.

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